Natural Ways to Help Your Hair Grow Quicker


Trim Your Hair. Consistently trimming your hair every 6-8 week helps remove damaged, dry or unhealthy hair. Trimming at least a quarter of an inch of your hair helps remove split ends, which could potentially split from the end to the root! Most, if not all, hair experts and beauty professionals will tell you that trimming your hair, actually helps it grow faster! Snip, snip!

Hot Oil Treatments. Treating your hair to vital nutrients helps it look, feel and actually BE softer and smoother. They replenish vitamins and essential elements that is needed for hair to grow.

Egg Whites. Surprisingly, eggs, as well as many other breakfast foods, are very good for your hair. Since they are made up of proteins, they, undoubtedly, give your hair what it needs to restore it back to health, making it shinier, bouncier and stronger.

Water. Drinking water not only hydrates your body, but our hair as well! It will help make your hair grow out stronger, healthier and quicker than it normally would!

Brush Kindly. Be kind to your hair. Brushing your hair in a careful manner, so as not to break it or pull too aggressively, this will help keep the circulation going throughout the scalp and each strand. Also, be sure to only comb in when wet, so as not to cause breakage!

Avoid Heat. Heat dries out your hair, and leaves it looking flat and brittle. Try to keep it as natural as possible for awhile, so that it has time to recoup from all of the harsh treatment it has been enduring thus far. You’ll notice bouncier hair with less split ends in a matter of days!

Scalp Massage. This also helps the circulation flow throughout your scalp. Waking up your hair follicles in the morning, and just before sleeping, will help your hair grow quicker than you might think.



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