mouthwatering Indian street food

Although you may visit countries to try out their prominent street food, we bet you might have tried nothing close to Indian Street food. Indian street food is flavorful and juicy, spicy and sweet, and definitely mouthwatering. These delectables are more popular for affordability and accessibility.

Firstly, most of these Indian street foods are cooked right in front of you. Secondly, their mobility lets anyone have access. So there’s no excuse. These authentic street food are undoubtedly an amazing go-to snack to suit busy lifestyles people. The Innovative nature of these street foods is sure to tempt anyone.

Top 8 Indian Street food to get you drooling

  1. Aloo Tikki (Potato Patties)
authentic Indian street food
Potato Patties

You wouldn’t feel complete without an ‘Aloo Tikki’ in your mouth despite the celebration; be it a wedding, a reunion, a home party, or even a market stroll. Aloo Tikki’s are readily available in any corner of the county. Moreover, the mild spicy Aloo Tikki is quite the eye-catcher.

Aloo Tikki is prepared with mashed potatoes, herbs, and local spices. The mixture is then shaped up into patties and deep-fried to get a crispy texture. The Tikki is best served with Tamarind chutney. For extra spiciness, Tikki can be enjoyed with green chilly chutney. Garnish the final dish with onions, coriander, and mint.

  1. Vada Pav
authentic Indian street food
Vada Pav

This vegetarian fast food is an irresistible Indian spicy burger. One thing anyone would agree on in India despite the individual differences in the breathtaking taste of ‘Vada Pav.’ Irrespective of the time of the day, it would be impossible not to pit stop at a Vada Pav stall.

Vada Pav is a dish that comprises deep-fried potato dumplings in a bread bun and combined with a variety of chutneys as green chili pepper and tamarind. If you are in India and still haven’t tried Vada Pav, grab yours today and feel comforted right away.

Origin: Maharashtra

  1. Momo
authentic Indian street food

These steam-filled dumplings are natural. In India, it’s very unlikely to find a single street without a Momo stall. Although Delhi is extremely popular for serving varieties of momos, it’s almost the go-to snack bite for most out there. Most North Indians love momos. Wherever you visit a shop or a mall, there will be momo stalls presenting you with at least 2-3 varieties.

This scrumptious street food is a stuffed dumpling and served with a combination of your choice as mutton, paneer, or chicken. These taste the best while it’s still hot. This delectable is ideal for any time of the day and makes sure you never get enough of it, ever!

Origin: Tibet

  1. Cholle Bhaturey
Cholle Bhaturey

Both locals and tourists love this street food and think of it as a paradise of flavors. A bite of it may feel you are in heaven. This flavorful street food can make you feel fuller and is even ideal for lunch or dinner. The best version of Cholle Bhaturey is found in the streets only and thus adds it to the special list of street foods in India.

The name ‘Cholle Bhaturey’ means Chickpeas and fried bread. This amazing combination is nothing but luscious. The spicy chickpeas curry mixes in unique masalas (spices) and compliments the Puri (fried bread). Most restaurants garnish the dish with coriander to add more flavor before they finally serve it.

Origin: Eastern Uttar Pradesh

  1. Pav Bhaji
Pav Bhaji

This is one street food that everyone loves. The mouth-watering and the hot and spicy nature of the dish makes anyone drooling. This dish is now a popular recipe in India and outside. Tourists and travelers love Pav Bhaji, and the best version of these is available in the street.

Pav Bhaji is a combination of bread with oozing butter and a thick vegetable curry. This juicy nature of the food is an anytime treat. People from across the world indulge in Pav Bhajis when traveling in India. They say that you are not eating it right if your hands aren’t soaked and immersed in the oozing butter.

Origin: Maharashtra

Akki Roti

authentic Indian street food
Akki Roti

This favorite dish from the roadside is not just comfort food. It is also the staple food to many nationwide. Irrespective of why you leave the house; to go to work or college, anyone with an empty stomach wouldn’t reach the desired destination without trying an Akki Roti. This street food is an ideal substitute for a healthy vegetarian breakfast recipe with zero gluten.

The preparation of Akki roti is with rice flour is an ideal match to a wide variety of side dishes but ideally compliments with coconut chutney and a hot masala tea.

Origin: Karnataka

  1. Mirchi Bajji
Mirchi Bajji

This South Indian street food is an anytime treat. Although originated from South India, it’s popular in Hyderabad. The name ‘Mirchi Bajji’ means chili fries. This amazing street food is a spill out of heaven. This extremely popular Bajji is eternally spicy and lets you enjoy a flavor like no other.

Mirchi Bajji involves in frying coated chili. This South Indian street food is one of the simplest street foods that anyone can make, and yet the street style cannot be matched. They are best on their own, but chutney and masala tea is a perfect match.

Origin: South India

  1. Paya Soup
Paya Soup

This amazing non-vegetarian street food dish is a great comfort food anytime you feel like it. The popular mutton Paya soup is the perfect and ultimate favorite of many locals and even foreigners. This delightful soup is soothing to the very end.

This recipe involves cooking mutton immersed in different spices. The mild spicy dish is beyond imagination. The infused flavors can get you, foodies, just to enjoy with shut eyes. The many health benefits associated will make you want to try this more often. Rice and bread are two great compliments to mix and match.

Origin: Bhopal

In conclusion, if you are planning to visit India or in India and haven’t tried one of these street foods yet, then you are at mistake. There’s nothing more comforting than Indian street foods. Enjoy while you still can!

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