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Black and white may be a long resolved fashion gold star, however the most loyal devotees of new trends know that certain looks never go out of style. Black and white are never an exception, they are a fashion law, albeit a rather safe one. The two shades that pair so well together are often considered to be a style crutch on the red carpet or the runway. There is little negative commentary to be said about a gorgeous black and white gown, especially when accented with flawless jewelry and makeup. The only unfortunate part about trends that are so perfect is that they can end up boring.

H&M recently launched a new collection that is pure black and white, however the ensemble includes a variety of textures and casual-versus-dressy looks, which lends a more unusual vibe to the entire line.

This particular simplistic H&M campaign was inspired by the electronic musician, Le Youth, whose real name is Wes James. He is best known for combining 90’s House music with R&B, and the H&M collection strives to perform a similar function. Between the various textures: faux fur, leather, knit, and crepe, and the minimalist palette, the vision seems to be a juxtaposition of power and relaxation, of organized and disorganized. It’s slightly punk without being punk, not too hipster or mainstream, and sophisticated for night and day.

Shop and be inspired by the new collection here.

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