Balenciaga Giving out $200 Bags – Got Yours?

A website glitch gave fashion bargainers a run for their money when Balenciaga accidentally listed bags for as low as $200.

The New York Post reported that the first sign of the glitch on was seen Thursday, April 16th, and priced bags for just $200.

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The Huffington Post reported that one customer Rachel Granick went to the Balenciaga’s website when a friend told her about the extremely low pricing.

“Certain bags were selling for $195, but those were already sold out by the time I got to the website,” said Granick. “You’d see bags for $185, $195, $285. Certain purses in different colors were side-by-side with different prices. One would say $1,895 and the one next to it would say $195.”

Garnick ended up purchasing a purse for $485 and not too long after she received an email from the company with her order and confirmation number.

What looked promising actually turned out as a disappointment for these shoppers as they were declined their extremely discounted bag when Balenciaga canceled all orders from the glitch.

Of course shoppers did not let out without a fight. One customer tweeted about how furious she was when her order was canceled.

The company noticed the glitch Thursday afternoon and had their website shut down for 24 hours to fix the problem.

At first, the did not reach out to any customers about the cancellations.

“There’s been no form of communication. I remember when this happened El Al when they had a glitch on their flights to Israel and they honored everyone’s tickets. I guess this must not be big enough for something to happen,” said Garnick.

Garnick still has a pending charge on her credit card as well.

But have no fear; Balenciaga finally responded back to the issue in a statement to Refinery29 saying:

“Due to an issue with for orders placed within the United States, signature Balenciaga products were made available for a limited time with incorrectly listed prices. Balenciaga will not be able to fulfill orders placed through our e-commerce platform during the time of the pricing error. Balenciaga regrets any inconvenience that this may have caused to its valued clients. Because Balenciaga values their patronage, clients who have been affected by the error will be reimbursed for their purchases and will be issued a gift certificate that will be redeemable at Balenciaga retail locations within the United States. Balenciaga customer service will contact each person individually with information on the gift certificate process.”



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