Balenciaga’s New ‘T-Shirt’ Shirt Is Confusing The Internet

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Balenciaga is catching the social media limelight due to a shirt in the brand’s luxury fashion house’s Fall ‘18 collection.

The shirt that has received a lot of attention. It is a t-shirt with a dress shirt draped over it. The shirt is available to order and can be yours for $1,290, though that may sound expensive it is a good two for one deal.

According to a 2018 New York Times report, a picture appeared online, and it spawned 1,000 memes. All of which play right into the hands of the very canny designer Demna Gvasalia. He understands as well as anyone how to ride the hype cycle and bend the free-floating and often indiscriminate desire of the digisphere to use fashion as target practice to his own advantage.

The Balenciaga brand has mastered convincing their customers to spend large amounts of money on ridiculous looking apparel, shoes, and accessories.

Ever since creative director Demna Gvasalia took the helm of the Spanish fashion brand, they seem to have been trolling us mercilessly with fashion that’s designed to go viral, according to The Guardian in a 2018 report.

Their $2,000 Ikea-inspired bag made waves on the internet last year, as one imagines it was designed to do. Ikea even put out a tongue-in-cheek guide helping you tell a genuine, 99 cent, Frakta bag from a luxury imposter: apparently if it rustles, it’s real.

As an image of a young man looking serious in an amusing shirt went viral, social media shared commentary on the fashion’s ridiculousness.

On May 30th, Carolyn Pokorney tweeted, “If I lazy about a halloween costume this year (very likely), I’m just going to be the Balenciaga t-shirt shirt.”

And On May 29th, Pitt Griffin tweeted out the brand’s photo of the shirt and captioned it, “File under: The rich are hanging in there, Balenciaga is selling a shirt attached to a t-shirt. For this bit of nonsense, you pay $1,300.”

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