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The fall is beginning to appear in the streets of New York City. Among these streets, Madison Avenue’s most prominent store, BARNEYS, NEW YORK, gets ready for the grandest comeback. Many thought that it was the last season for this store to remain open. However, in reality, it’s ready for its customers more than ever. This emporium invites shoppers, yet again, offering its infamous quality restaurants, fashion and beauty services.

It was a long year of financial woes and austere retail environment for this superstore. Recently, it has started a campaign called “Dear Shopper”. It came clean of its struggles with the public. Accompanying that, were the changed glass windows. This was done as an attempt to maintain transparency with the shoppers. The store’s windows featured slogans like “Not Closed” and “Attention Shoppers” inspired by headlines. One might also refer to this as a creative marketing strategy.

Barney Pressman, the founder of Barneys, New York also used such approaches for the store’s promotion. Referring to  StyleFT 2018 report, the store had bought in the entire collection of Proenza Schouler. This is quite similar to its founder and succeeding owners’ doings. They too took huge risks which would only pay off, if it was “perfection”. This comparison aided by a trip down the memory lane substantiates that the spirit of Barneys is not lost.

Celebs like Madonna, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Nicole Kidman, Ellen DeGeneres, Bruce Willis remain its regular shoppers.  Prominently mentioned in movies like “Confessions of a Shopaholic” and Netflix series such as “Gossip Girl” and cited on various websites for tourists as well. An incredible marketing strategy, wouldn’t you say?

However, Barneys is not just a store. It’s has a different representation for each person. While for some it is a form of paradise, to others it just seems like a place of useless or unreasonably expensive stuff. It can be a place where you can splurge and indulge yourself in whatever your heart desires but it can also turn out to be the reason you are broke.

Sarah Jessica Parker once said “If you are a nice person and you work hard, you get to go shopping at Barneys” which helped increase the earnings of the retailer and its perception of a place that’s significant of success. An apt visual of this quote would be the picture of a person’s nose, pressed to the window of this store.

Over the years of the shop’s existence, there have been many changes and transitions in various areas, be it the store, the owners or its employees. But one thing which remained constant and continues is the shoppers implore for this ultimate luxury destination. According to a report of Bloomberg, the daily revenue generated from an individual customer can reach up to $400,000. Say what now?? But it’s true. Some customers come to this place to revamp their wardrobe in a pinch or as per the report, it can reach this amount from buying just a few pieces or sets of jewelry.

This store is special in so many ways. Even the first-time clients are willing to spend their entire months’ worth of salary on branded (and overpriced) items. First-time shoppers such as interns, college graduates and many others, are usually like – “I wore it to death”; “I visited the store so many times before I could initiate my first purchase”; “I felt like I had scored, big time”.  Hang in there, people! Let’s hope this turns out to be your Golden Fleece instead of Pandora’s box.

Now then, don’t forget about the staff of Barneys who work day and night to ensure that the store lives up to the name. The staff, especially the personal shoppers, are like a lucky charm to a shopper. Particularly beneficial for first-timers, they guarantee a transformation from Hickey Freeman to Armani. It’s estimated that about more than half come back for more from 80 percent of the first time clients, more than half come back for more. Guess they take the phrase “First Impressions Are Last impressions” to another level!

Some famous epochs such as- introduction of Giorgio Armani in 1976; Largest store in New York City in 1993, since the Great Depression; Customer Engagement Award in 2015 and other awards; Barneys current work with many acclaimed photographers, designers like (Gucci, Chanel, Prada) and artists resulting in renowned events and more, are some of its triumphs which give just a glimpse of what the actual store is about.

From “No Bunk, No Junk, No Imitations” in 1923 to “Dear Shopper” in 2019, irrespective of its financial and retail struggles, Barneys, New York, prevails as the ultimate and irreplaceable shopping abode.

Source: Getty Images
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