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Anxiety over bedroom performance knows no gender. Being able to please your partner sexually is an ability that both sexes want to be able to have. Each gender is advised to do certain exercises that claim to enhance sexual performance. With these suggestions, one question can be begged: Which sex has to work the hardest?

Women are often advised to do kegel exercises, a series of contracting and then releasing the pelvic muscles. Even though men can do them as well, these are common suggestions for women. According to “Have Better Sex,” an article in MSN’s Health and Fitness, kegel exercises are used in order to relax the pelvic muscles (pubococcygeus or PC) that contract during orgasm. By having this control, women can feel more relaxed and have more control over their orgasm during sex.

Because kegel exercises for men focus on their rectums, there are alternative workouts men can do in the gym that can physically improve their performance in bed. Workouts targeted towards sexual performance like “The Amazing Sex Workout,” also suggested in MSN’s Health and Fitness, can give men “stronger abs, hips and glutes—all of the muscles you need to thrust, grind, and please.” This workout includes squats with barbells, chin-ups, lunges, dumbbell bench press, and plank. This particular workout should be done three times a week with at least a day of rest in between. This routine includes “supersets,” meaning sets are done back to back with no break in between with intervals of rest after each superset.

This workout can be demanding on the body if you are not a regular at the gym. However, it does not mean you cannot do it. As with any workout you do, make sure it is safe enough. The “Amazing Sex Workout,” demonstrates that the key to enhancing male performance in bed is stamina.

These exercises not only show the different ways both men and women can perform better in bed, but it also alludes to the greater difference that truly distinguishes boys from girls: the body and the mind. The physical exterior of men plays a factor in their quality of sex, whereas for females, it is their ability to have strong focus and control that will yield powerful results. So which sex has to work the hardest to achieve greater performance? It is a tossup because men and women primarily work out two different areas—the body and the mind. There is no battle of the sexes here because both partners have to work on their specific area of the body and—perhaps more importantly, their relationship together overall. At the end of the day, understanding each other’s needs is the first step to having great sex.


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