How to Beat The Black Friday Crowd

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Every year hundreds of people line up to get the latest and hottest deals. This can become very overwhelming for a person trying to get a good deal. Here are some tips on how to beat the black Friday crowd.


It is always a good idea to go to the store and locate where and what it is that you want. In bigger stores like Walmart this will be extremely beneficial. You will be beating the ones that are still looking for the section where the flatscreens TVs are located.

Pajama Parties

The outside pajama party means going to a department store at unconventional hours. Find out the exact time the store opens and arrive about four to six hours before that. This is a way to beat the lines and get the first spot. Even better, find someone trustworthy who might need a little extra cash, and pay them to save your spot. Make sure to bring plenty of blankets and coats if you live in an area that gets very cold.

Skip the Crowds

Skip the crowds altogether and get the deals online. Many deals are online earlier than when the store opens. This saves time and the hassle of dealing with crowds. Cyber Monday is a great way to get savings while relaxing in front of the TV.


You can also skip the crowds by downloading apps made specifically for finding deals on Black Friday. Many apps will let you search by item, store, and even price point. Some apps will even show price comparisons so you know which store has the best deal for the item you want. This can save tons of time and money.

Be careful and aware on Black Friday that many injuries have occurred because of this day. It is important that if you see someone or a situation that is not right, it is best to leave. No deal is worth getting hurt.

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