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Coronavirus: NY man in lockdown shares his often hilarious lockdown life moments

Arthur Anthony is a multimedia producer in New York and he has been in lockdown since 17 March. After the novelty of the early days, the enthusiasm has faded and he is now making videos of his long days – often with hilarious effect.Watch more personal stories during the coronavirus outbreak:Your Coronavirus Stories Source link No related posts.

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L’Oreal Mascara (Best 5)

L’Oreal mascara, without a doubt, has set standards for many other affordable brands. The mascara has a voluptuous volume, and it increased the length of your eyelashes. The thing which matters the most in the mascara is it Bristles. L’Oreal mascara bristles catch every lash and create a Volumizing effect. Furthermore, it nicely separates each lash and lengthens it. Undoubtedly,…

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High-end makeup dupes

High-end Concealer Dupes

In the present day, it’s effortless to find high-end concealer dupes. Many well-acknowledged drugstore brands are coming up with such affordable concealers that can efficiently work as a substitute. Moreover, these dupe concealers give you the same results as that of high-end ones. Are you the person who is out of budget? I have brought the best solution for you…

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High-end makeup

High-end makeup—worth the splurge

Nowadays, high-end makeup is replaced by drugstore makeup, and undoubtedly, we agree on this point. High-end makeup is costly, and sometimes it’s a total waste of money. There are quite many products which are replaced with drugstores, but this is not always the case. Some high-end makeup is irreplaceable. Moreover, luxury makeup contains well-researched ingredients that are not harmful to…

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Kylie skin care

Kylie Skin care Line

Kylie skincare is a re-known brand for all of us, and Kylie Jenner launched her skincare line along with makeup. Skincare is an essential part of daily routine as it makes your skin breathe. It cleans, clears, and hydrates your skin. Moreover, it helps boost your confidence. In fact, it makes you feel good about yourself. Today, I’m going to talk about…

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