The Do-It-All Beauty Product (Hint: It Smells Amazing)

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We all know that getting our skin in tip-top shape is a 24/7 job, especially as temperatures (and generally harsher winter climates) worsen—and by worsen, we mean get painfully, paralyzing-ly (hello Botox face) cold. But what if one do-it-all, heavenly-smelling product could protect us from head to, well, toe? And what if it cost under five dollars? We know you’d be first in line at Duane Reade in a nanosecond, right? Well get on your mittens and beanies, because Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula, $3.89 at, is here to save your skin—and day.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 5.44.01 PM                                                                            Via

With moisture-locking ingredients like Vitamin E and (of course) cacao extract, a tub of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula can combat everything from flaky lips to itchy, dry skin—it has even been proven to help lessen the appearance of stretch marks and other skin marks and scars. If that’s not a miracle product, then I don’t know what is anymore. 

ktulk                                                                                       Via Ktulk

So head straight for your bathroom cabinet and toss out all of those unnecessary lotions, serums, and jellies (ew), because all you need this winter is a tub of Palmer’s. And with all of the money you saved, go ahead and treat yourself to a real piece of chocolate—the good stuff.


Juliane DeGiovine is a magazine hoarder and rom-com fanatic. In her spare time she can be found watching Friends reruns and obsessing over Ryan Gosling. Lover of dark chocolate and YA novels (please don't judge her).

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