Fun in the sun

It’s summer! Time for fun in the sun, spending some quality time in the water, and getting that perfect tan. It can be a challenge trying to figure out how to not be embarrassed by the deadly “uneven tan” or “swimmers hair”. Here are a few beauty tips for the season.

It is essential to not step foot in the sun without a proper sunscreen. Nobody wants to be mistaken for a lobster. With the higher SPF, you don’t have to worry about constantly attending to your skin throughout the day and can spend more time relaxing in the sun.

When spending time in the water, it’s important to have a product that assists in keeping your color intact such as a color protecting shampoo and conditioner. Even splurging for hair product that provides the necessary oils that protect your hair is imperative before hitting the chlorine filled pool this summer.

For the women who wish for the beach waves, splurge a little for a product that has been used on your hair in the salon before buying. Ensure that it can actually work with your hair. Simply ask your stylist for a test run next time you’re in! The worst feeling is when you’ve bought product with no results.

During your usual skin care ritual, ensure that you’re moisturizing more this season! The sun is going to make your skin drier than normal so the soft, silky, skin can be more difficult to maintain. A moisturizing lotion and using your face moisturizer after time in the sun can do wonders!

The most important tip is to do your research before shopping. Know how your body reacts to certain products and find out what will best fit your needs. Enjoy the summer without having to skimp on being fabulous!



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