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Winter is a time for hot cocoa, egg nog, and apple cider. Unfortunately some of these drinks can be filled with sugar, fat, or and calories. Luckily, there are healthy options of some of your favorite winter drinks that will not make you feel guilty to indulge.

For Hot Chocolate Lovers suggests a different take of hot cocoa with their Mocha Chocolate à la Paris recipe. The great thing about this drink is that it combines a touch of coffee and low fat milk with dark chocolate to keep “the calorie content in check while giving you a boost of bone-strengthening calcium.” This drink does double duty, pleasing both coffee drinkers as chocolate lovers.

Celebrating with Egg Nog
You cannot celebrate the holidays without egg nog.’s Cocoa Nog is a great recipe that will help cut the calories of this alcoholic drink. The unsweetened cocoa powder cuts the sugar and fat content of this drink. Add a touch of your preferred alcohol and you will feel toasty on a long winter’s night.

Warm Apple Cider
Apple cider is a beloved drink for fall and winter.’s Spiced Apple Cider is “fat free [and] has the added health benefits of preventing blood clotting and controlling blood sugar” because of the cinnamon in this recipe. Because you can serve this beverage with or without alcohol, it’s great for children to have as well.

For the Tea Drinkers recommends that you drink Chamomile tea to keep you warm this winter while satisfying your tea preference. Chamomile tea is “ideal for bedtime or to calm an upset stomach or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.” This tea will give you a great sleep at night and keep your digestive system in line.

Choose from these healthy substitutes for your favorite hot drinks. With these healthy winter drink options to try, you will be able to indulge without feeling guilty. Whether you prefer coffee or tea, each option appeals to some part of everyone’s palette. More importantly, these healthy drinks can help you feel comfy and cozy on chilly winter nights.




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