Bill Cosby, legendary comedian and actor, is reported to be “completely blind” and is housebound due to his upcoming trial.

Once known as “America’s Dad”, Cosby’s reputation has been lowered to a sexual predator after having over fifty women accuse him of sexual assault and misconduct. Bill Cosby in the past faced charges of aggravated assault in the Andrea Constand 2004 suit, which was settled out of court under a non-disclosure agreement in 2006.

Although last month, a Pennsylvania judge ruled in regard of the Andrea Constand case that there was enough evidence to conduct a criminal trial. Cosby has been officially charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault and awaits his impending trial date. He is with his loyal wife, Camille, who claims his innocence of all allegations, at their Pennsylvania home.

Cosby is reported to have a generative eye disease called keratoconus, which causes an eye cornea to bulge unnaturally and can cause vision to fade into blindness over time. At the age of seventy-eight, his alleged eye disease has reportedly gotten worse within the time he was accused of indecent misconduct.

Andrea Constand, an employee from Temple University, claims that Cosby drugged and assaulted her in his home. When questioned about her attack, Cosby claims that he and the victim had a consensual encounter. He also claims that he gave her three halfs of a Benadryl the night in question.

Cosby had other allegations of sexual assault in Massachusetts, Los Angeles and his home state of Pennsylvania. In most of those cases, the statute of limitation has run out for those victims and cannot be prosecuted by the law. In Pennsylvania, the statute of limitation to report and file a sexual assault charge is twelve years. Although Cosby has potentially got away with other sexual assault suits, he is allowed to sue Andrea Constand for going against the 2006 non-disclosure agreement clause, which claims for the complainant to keep the case details confidential.

Since Constand pressed charges in 2004, her statue of limitation to have a criminal trial for her sexual assault would have run out this year. District attorney Kevin Steele pushed for a judge to relook Constand’s case.

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