Blake Lively Credits Brother for Persuading Her to Pursue Acting

Blake Lively Credits Brother

A recent mini-reunion of the ensemble of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was a pleasure for fans of the franchise. Blake Lively and Amber Tamblyn, who has been Blake’s friend for almost 20 years, reminisced about creating the classic Sisterhood films and their unique friendship on Amber’s Substack video series, Further Ado.

Lively said during their conversation that she might never have become an actress if her brother hadn’t been in it. Lively was the second person to hold Marlow Alice Cross, Tamblyn’s baby, when she was born in 2017, after Tamblyn’s husband David Cross. This was a significant milestone in their connection.


Tamblyn expressed her delight at finally sitting down with Blake Lively, an actress and entrepreneur she has known for twenty years, in a statement. She reminisced about being present when Blake Lively, then 16 years old, had her first major film audition for the Sisterhood series, which she went on to book. After Tamblyn’s daughter was born, Lively was the first person to hold her in the hospital, aside from her husband.

Tamblyn continued by describing Lively as an inquisitive, carefree, and happy spirit. Their friendship has flourished for over twenty years, and she is thrilled for others to see how profound it is.

Viewers were able to get a sense of the deep friendship that has developed between these Sisterhood co-stars over the years through their open discussion.

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