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The general consensus about drinking is that nothing good ever comes from it. While it may be fun in the moment, most people usually wake up the morning after a night of ‘fun’, and cringe when they think about all the stupid stuff they did. This is especially true when it comes to emotions.

Girls are known to be emotional while drinking, and guys are known to do reckless stuff that usually entails punching something. While opposite sexes handle their drunken emotions in different ways, there’s no denying it: the drunken mind constantly insists on speaking for the sober heart.

This sad (but true) fact of life is a definite source of frustration and embarrassment for the overly emotional victim (“Why, oh why, would I ever say that to him?”). So why does the drunken mind trap your mouth into revealing everything within your heart? That question is subjective, but one thing is for sure: nothing good can come from trying to deal with feelings when one or more members of said conversation has drank an entire bottle of white wine.

While there may be no way to avoid the heartache and/or anger inside your heart, the only way to avoid spilling your guts to whomever you most definitely shouldn’t during a night out is to:

A) Avoid drinking altogether (plausible)

B) Use another emotional outlet besides alcohol. If you have something you need to say to someone, then say it.

While you shouldn’t spill your deepest darkest secrets to all your friends solely to avoid letting something slip when you’re drinking, if you have a problem with someone then you need to let them know. Keeping things bundled up inside is like asking for an emotional explosion sometime in the near future. So do your self a favor and be honest with yourself and the person you’re dealing with. If for some reason there is no possible way to be truthful (in a non threatening manner) with the specific person, then find another way to express yourself. Write in a journal, start a blog or talk to a friend; there are so many healthy ways to let off emotional steam.

So next time you know the night ahead it looking like it may be an emotional roller coaster, take a deep breath and try to get all your emotions out before your night begins, and if nothing seems to work then avoid, avoid, avoid. Good luck (you may need it).


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