Blink-182 Has New Album In The Works


Blink-182 fans around the world are rejoicing at the news that the pop punk band will officially be releasing a new album later this year. The exciting news was confirmed on Monday, July 14, via guitarist and singer, Tom Delonge’s Instagram page. The star posted a throwback photo of himself and his two band mates, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker, captioning it: “Rehearsals start today … and Yes there will be a new album #SorryForTheWait #Blink”


Instagram/Tom Delonge
Instagram/Tom Delonge

Barker, the drummer for the band, also uploaded a photo to his Instagram page showing him playing the drums, and added the caption: “#RehearsalLife #BLINK #EuropeanTour #NobodycaresGoharder”

The stars, after a split in 2005 to work on individual projects, returned together in 2009 and have slowly made their way back into the business. In 2011, they released a full-length album titled “Neighborhoods,” and in 2012, an EP titled “Dogs Eating Dogs.” This year, the reunited band has plans to play several shows in Europe, and are set to headline the Reading & Leeds festival in the U.K. this August.


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Last September, in an interview with MTV, Delonge and Hoppus discussed the process of recording an album, saying: “Once we start, it moves. It’s like painting, you know? You’ve just got to start with that first brushstroke, and get your clothes off, and get the other person’s clothes off, get a little bit of feces, smear it around. Just get going.”

While there is still no release date, fans are eagerly welcoming the news of the long-awaited album from everyone’s favorite 2000’s pop punk trio band.



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