Bobbi Brown Says ‘Be Who You Are’

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“I will never be a 5’11” supermodel” – Real Woman in Bobbi Brown’s Campaign

That doesn’t matter to Bobbi Brown. She wants you to be exactly who you are in the cosmetic company’s 25th-anniversary campaign, ‘Be Who You Are.’ The originator of the ‘naked’ look, Brown seeks to highlight women in their most natural form via her latest real-women project.

Forty real women with the addition of four diverse models sit down to tell their stories of finding inner strength and beauty. The print and digital content will listen to these forty individuals as they, like many women today, discover their beauty from within. They, of course, have a little help from Bobbi and her makeup professionals.

Still via Bobbi Brown YouTube

Still via Bobbi Brown YouTube

The campaign launch features both old and new with debut products like the Instant Confidence Stick as well as Brown’s time-honored favorites like the Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner. A series of ‘how to’ tutorials will also crop up along the way as every makeup artist employed globally by Bobbi Brown will be retrained in the core principles that founded the company.

Bobbi tells WWD that the relaunch of products alongside the debut of others allows the brand to return to its original goals.

“I started the company with a simple philosophy — makeup is a way to enhance your natural beauty — and I found that makeup should be like skin and blush should be like pinched cheeks. With the right makeup, you can be a better version of yourself,” Bobbi explains.

Which is why her 44 spokeswomen are not donning the latest matte foundation or a trendy red lip. Rather, the women are given the tools needed to enhance their own beauty, each regiment tailored to the women’s diverse features.

The women certainly got the royal, Bobbi Brown treatment as the 1,700 square foot shooting space was armed with smoothie bars, masseuses and a stock load of health food. Bobbi wanted to create a “chill” environment so the women could relax and simply be who they are.

Still via Bobbi Brown YouTube

Still via Bobbi Brown YouTube

And we’d be smart to take a cue from this makeup mogul’s handbook as her indie-inspired thinking marks a refreshing change from the celebrity-ridden cosmetic campaigns. Simultaneously, the ads celebrate a milestone in Brown’s career. Her induction into the billionaires’ club. Actually. The Estée Lauder-owned company has catapulted to the beauty world’s billion-dollars-in-revenue threshold, sitting alongside Lancôme, Lush and Nu Skin.

Bobbi Brown distributes to 74 countries and over 2,200 stores globally, making this ‘Be Who You Are’ manifesto viral as it hits markets today. The digital content including color stories, personal interviews and GIF images are currently displayed on Bobbi Brown’s website. 40 makeup tutorials will go live on both the brand’s website and YouTube channel. And at 1:30 p.m., Facebook Live will host Brown as it reaches 37 markets worldwide.

A common thread is beginning to emerge in the public’s spotlight. It’s a thread of authenticity, woven through the fashion and beauty’s highly stylized webs. Bobbi Brown features women of diverse backgrounds and varying beauty. In the past, Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’ campaign highlighted the figures of real and relatable women. Aerie’s #AerieReal hashtag introduced a roster of uncommon underwear models to the delight of women everywhere.

We’re seeing the walls of double-zero fashion being broken. Creating a world where all sizes, shapes and colors are celebrated. A new beauty is emerging. Your beauty. Their beauty. Our beauty.

Be Who You Are. It’s what makes you beautiful.

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