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Admit it, you watch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show year after year with a bowl of ice cream on handing dreaming of having that “perfect model body”. Yes, we have all been there whether we want to admit it or not. Those dreams you have later that night of looking like one of our favorite models with the legs that seem to go on for days (months and years). Sometimes after seeing what most perceive as the perfect body, loving your own body can be hard and is easier said than done. Each day we might pick out a new part of ourselves that we feel. Why do we do this? It is because that is how many people in the fashion and media industry portray women.
Get ready for all that to change, finally, these industries and society are coming to terms with reality and starting to change how they feel a perfect body should look. Gone are the days of having to be a size zero if you want to be on the front cover of a magazine or strut down the runway in your favorite designer’s collection. Now, it is all about loving your body and embracing it for what it is. It is time for everyone to realize that a little size zero may not be attainable unless you were born with those genes and a lucky fast metabolism.
Thanks to a new Documentary called “Straight/Curvy” young girls can see just how much society along with the fashion and media industry are changing with body representation. In this documentary that is creating such uproar, it dives deep into the two industries and has one on one interviews with different models, designers, health experts, etc. The documentary may have just been released, but the message is so strong it has so many individuals buzzing over it, especially young women.
This documentaries goal is to show the world that every different body type is beautiful and show the uniqueness of each body. Everyone is an individual and is made with different curves that they should be proud of not hiding. Today in our world, there is already so many different body positive campaigns going on throughout social media, so this documentary is able to hop on that moving train.
Besides just reaching out to young women and people in our society, one big hope is to really reach different designers, especially big name ones who have such an influence in the fashion world. It is not to say that designers are the main reason that young girls to think they have to be a certain size in order to look good, but they could be the underlying cause of it because of the way they are designing certain clothes. When designers first make their collections, whether it be for a first showing or runway, they usually start in sample sizes which are always small and made for a tall girl with no stomach or curves. Doing this saves them money on fabric but also hurts them because now only certain types of girls are able to showcase the outfits.
It some people’s eyes, it may seem like the creators of this documentary are trying to say that you now have to be curvy to be beautiful, but that is far from what the point is. The main point of this creation and showcasing of this film is to tell girls of any shape or size that it is okay to love their body. No one should have to go through life wishing they looked like someone else or wishing they had a certain way they looked. It is a way to remind young girls that you have to be proud of the body you have. In life, you are only given that one body so why not embrace it and love it for what it is?

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