Via Brad Pitt

Jimmy Fallon and “Fury,” star Brad Pitt created a comical ‘break dance conversation’ for the “Late Night Show” this week. The video begins with Jimmy Fallon getting up from his office and going to the basement of the 30 Rock Building, seemingly to blow off steam. After he does a quick “break dance” warm up he spots, none other than, Brad Pitt across the room. As the fight (break dance- conversation) initiates they acknowledge each other through their “highly skilled break” moves. The screen running their tête-à-tête through hilariously timed subtitles. The parody culminates in a joint break dancing performance.

Brad cleverly uses this spoof video to promote his new film “Fury.” After doing a reverse spider-man flip against a wall he tells Jimmy he must see his film or “I’ll be Furious with you.” Jimmy’s response was a highlight of the clip. As he spun his entire body on both hands the captions read “ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.”

None of the stunt men used in this video were hurt.

Fury opened Friday in the U.S. and also stars Shia Labouf, Logan Lerman and Michael Pena.


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