Bridal style is something that has become rather individualized. Gone are the days of standard lace, veils, and trains. Nowadays, numerous bridal fashion houses have adopted a variety of styles that cater to the non-traditional bride; whether it be a brightly colored dress, pants, or even varying lengths of gowns. The point is that none of the traditional rules apply.

Enter Kerin Rose Gold A-Morir Studios; the creator of numerous iconic sunglasses that have been spotted on the likes of Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Lady Gaga. The extravagant frames are known for their unique touches; such as embellishments consisting of pearls, ceramic flowers, tassels etc. However, Gold will now be venturing into the world of bridal wear by designing eccentric wedding-day shades.

The pieces in the collection range from many styles – such as the fun Phillip Shades that are covered in miniature flowers or the maximalist Lena, which is a cat-eye frame covered in pearls and crystals. Some of the glasses even have veils attached.

The inspiration for the collection came after a conversation that Gold had with her sister, in which Gold tried to come up with a gift for a friend who was soon to be married. The result? A pair of sunglasses worthy of a bride. Gold recounts, “Her friend wound up wearing them for the entire reception. She even wore them on her honeymoon and refused to take them off!”

Gold says “This gives me the opportunity to create something super special, it gives [brides] the opportunity to have something that becomes more of a keepsake than a dress would be,” says Gold. “There are so many things associated with weddings that you can only wear once – these you can enjoy for years.”

Featured Image via Pixnio/Public Domain

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