Burger King Changes ‘Have it Your Way’ Slogan?


Yes, it is true Burger King has done away with its original slogan. When word hit that Burger King changed its slogan from “Have it Your Way” to “Be your way” confusion rose high. The slogan that has been a part of the fast food franchise for almost 40-years is now changed. Ironically, Burger King isn’t the only fast food restaurant to change its slogan, but, the choice to promote a more hip approach seems to be the motive.

The reasoning behind the change of the slogan happen to be to increase positivity amongst this generation. Self-acceptation is the key. Senior Vice president Fernando Machado mentions the intentions of the new slogan. “We want to evolve from just being the functional side of things to having a much stronger emotional appeal.” He also discusses how “Be your way“ makes more of a connection to the customers than the old slogan, which is strictly referring to the customization of burger.

With all the approvals of Same Sex marriage laws, how could this slogan not fit with this generation? Burger King’s new slogan should be aired and advertised on all aspects of media very soon. Overall, the change in the slogan was needed for Burger King to stay relevant in the fast food industry. People don’t just want good food anymore but to feel the experience and pleasure of it.

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