Caitlyn Jenner Talks About Transition

In an interview with H&M on July 21, 2016, Jenner opened up the inner tug of war that has occurred within her almost all of her life. The battle was based on conforming to society’s norms or being her own woman. Recently, the transgender population has received a spotlight in media. Jenner has also aided in being an activist for transgender rights.

Caitlyn Jenner has really shone a light into the transition period for transgender persons. She has been vocal and open about her journey. Recently, Jenner modeled for the cover of Sports Illustrated in a classy gold sequin jumpsuit. Within the Sports Illustrated interview, Jenner focused more on her accomplishment in the Montreal Olympics. On the cover, Jenner is also sporting the gold medal she won in the 1976 Olympic games.

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With the Rio Olympic games coming up, it is no surprise that Jenner also spoke of her Olympic experience in the H&M interview. Sports were truly a way to escape for Jenner throughout her life. Working hard at sports made her forget the inner battle going on within her head. Jenner states, “To me sports was always this wonderful diversion from myself and about who I was.”

In the year of 1984, Jenner visited a gender transition clinic in Orange County California. This was the first time she had told anyone the full extent of what she had been thinking through most of her life.The goal at the time was to make the transition to a woman by the age of 40. However, Jenner’s plans did get a little delayed.

Throughout this time, Jenner relied on her family and wife for much-needed support. Jenner states that “My kids by far are my greatest accomplishment.” Jenner also confides that she did open up to her first wife, Chrystie Scott. Jenner’s dreams did finally become a reality in the year of 2015. Jenner announced her transition officially that April.

Since that time, Jenner has been busy working with companies in order to promote diversity and challenge the set norms. Jenner is even participating with H&M in a brand new sports campaign. An H&M spokesperson did comment on how the company wished to promote diversity in their line for all people. H&M is striving to inspire all people with their advertising and clothing.

Another company in which Jenner has been working with was the famous MAC cosmetics brand. Jenner made this announcement in March 2016. Caitlyn worked with MAC to create her own shade of lipstick. The lipstick is described on the MAC site as a “midtone rosey nude.” The lipstick shade is named “Finally Free.” This is in reference to the newly discovered freedom of being comfortable in her own skin. The lipstick was released in the month of April 2016. Jenner stated in an interview with MAC that, “I wanted a name that I use, and which represents the community,” which is exactly what she did.

Though the lipstick is beautiful, it also holds onto another cause. The MAC AIDS Fund Transgender Initiative will be benefiting from the proceeds of the lipstick. The money will help to promote wellness and improve the lives of transgender communities. Who knows what Jenner will develop in the future to assist the transgender community.
Ultimately, Jenner has really helped to give representation to the transgender community. Hopefully, with Jenner opening up about her inner struggle, more will gain inspiration and encouragement. Jenner is not perfect yet, no one is. Jenner, however, is trying to make headway towards acceptance and openness towards diverse communities.

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