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Calligraphy is a beautiful art of hand lettering, and not everyone can master it. Many historians believe that the Chinese discovered this art form in the 16th century. People used to communicate with this art, just as painting and sculptures. The series of unique written alphabets and the perfection is calligraphy.

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In Middle East areas, this well-reputed art form is yet thriving. Back in the 15th century, people started exploring manuscripts. Additionally, people began to probe more about calligraphy. Everyone loves the timeless, handwritten scripts. So want to express themselves in a classy way. That is why the art of letter writing is still alive.

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There are hundreds of marvelous experts who created wonders of this art. Calligraphy is therapeutic and soothing. Anyone can adopt it as a hobby or profession.

Here is a list of few calligraphers that inspired youngsters towards the skill:

1.     Wang Xizhi- A Calligraphy Wizard:
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Wang Xizhi is a famous calligraphy artist from China. He taught many beginners to learn and understand hand lettering, and his work has influenced the new generation. His notable works include cursive “seventeen ties” and a running script “Tie Aunt.” He was also titled the “Sage of Calligraphy” by the young generations.

2.     Arthur Baker:
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Another calligraphy artist whose work guided the newcomers is Arthur Baker. He produced unusual and unique calligraphy. Furthermore, he has designed his calligraphy pens and brushes. He belongs to the United Stated, and he studied calligraphy and explored distinctive styles. He also wrote many books on this art form.

3.     Pat Blair:
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She is an American calligrapher and graphic designer. Her work has been published in many magazines, and she was invited to many international conferences on calligraphy. Blair was also once the president of the Washington calligrapher guild. She has been awarded and given the title of “Master Penman.” Her best work was she wrote invitations for the white house with a round style script.

4.     Hassan Masoud:
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Hassan Masoud was an Iraqi calligrapher. He was an Arabic artist who had a passion for this genre of art and started exploring more. He uses to write exquisite Arabic verses for Arabic magazines. To pursue his interest in this art, he went to Bagdad. Many great calligraphers admired his work.

5.     Achyut Pale:
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He was an Indian Calligrapher with tremendous skills who contributed his whole life to this art. Also, Pale won more than 30 awards for his skill and creativity. He made his country the proudest, and his name was published in hundreds of magazines. Not only calligraphy, but he devoted his many years to painting as well. He was the only one who established India’s first calligraphy institute. His work motivated more artists, and people loved his Om and Allah exhibition held in Mumbai.

6.     Timothy Bots:
Bible Writing- pixabay.com

Timothy was another who encouraged beginners to learn this art form. He uses to write bible verses in calligraphic style to make it look beautiful. He also wrote many books with different brushes and pens. Furthermore, his art has been preserved in museums.

7.     Hattat Aziz Efendi:
Colors in Perfection – pixabay.com

Hattat Aziz Efendi was a calligrapher from the era of the Ottoman Empire. He studied the skill in school. Eventually, he decided to choose it as a career. Various museums have displayed his work. Furthermore, we can also see his masterpieces in the Grand Mosque of Basra. His famous achievement is the eleven beautiful copies of the Quran. In addition, a beautiful piece of his work is the name Muhammad in Thuluth style.

More about Calligraphy Experts
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Finally, we can say that. Calligraphy is an art of peace. Artists use amazing combinations of colors to create these paintings. One can even design their own letters and scripts. Moreover, experimentation can lead to innovative scriptures. Calligraphy is the art of presenting text creatively.

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