Calvin Klein Shows Fall/Winter 2014 Collection During New York Fashion Week

Calvin Klein Show Fall/Winter 2014 Collection During New York Fashion Week
His newest collection really epitomizes the fall colors and uses fabrics that will keep you warm throughout the season.  He combines various wool fabrics for his sweater   line, and at the same time using contrasting fall colors like olive, red, brown which can be made into standalone items, but fit seemingly into one main design.  He also uses a fall staple of a turtleneck sweater dress to showcase what can be worn both in the office and on the weekends.  Look as professional as they are stylish.  Two great examples of these designs are his black turtleneck sleeveless wool knit dress, which in the front has four different wool fabrics and designs stitched right into it and is paired with a light cream wool knit skirt with a black accent stripe at the bottom.  The other is his orange and red full length wool overcoat, where you see the various four various colors of pink on top, above the elbows, and to the shoulders and lapels.  Then fading down the coat gets darker into a more red color combination.  The whole coat is accented with a bright orange button, and light brown outline lines, and light brown horizontal subtle wools blended into the coat to give it that true feeling of fall.  Altogether this collection fall collection from Calvin Klein will give every woman both that sense of style and feeling of warmth throughout the season.

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