Can You Say Age Is Just A Number In A Relationship?

In today’s times it can be a struggle to find the right one. Now, there are niche commercials ranging from a Farmer to different kinds of Religious dating sites wanting to help you find the “One”. Once you finally decide to make that move there are plenty of questions that you have to ask yourself. And one of those questions is how far in age do you want to go to find the one?

To be honest, can you say age is just a number in a relationship and that it truly holds no value as a number? Well, if that was the case, then everyone would be upset about their wages that they made if it was just a number and had no value. So when you break it down it really does mean something if you’re paying attention.

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Some do play the age card in the incorrect ways and well, you do get the whispers and you know what whispers that are spoken about. That you can hear your girl friends whisper “I wonder if she picks out his clothing?” Or you hear the talks “oh she is only with him for his money”. This goes for the gentlemen as well.

The whispers are about you too, but with that aside for those who are really on the hunt to find the one. Then what is an appropriate age gap for the male to female or female to male or male to male… Oh gosh, you get the point, what is a good age span that feels right you.

Well, some will say no more than ten years of age from yours either up or down (in the legal range, of course). That you need to have some things in common with each other. But here is the thing that some do like older and wiser, but that may not mean that a young mate may have not lived beyond his or her years yet. That maybe knowledge was exposed to them at an early age and they are wise beyond their years.

This also goes for that someone older may just not get the idea of growing up yet and Peter Pan still lives within their body. They may be older, but they could be even less ready to be in a relationship than someone half their age. Also, someone that is say in their early 20 may just want to date and be in a dating relationship, but someone that is in their 30’s maybe thinking  about babies and white dresses.

So what gives? Well, the key is once you do the fun work of say finding someone by their shell. You know once you look them over and you can tell by looking that this is a yes or no you can date this person or not. If it is a yes, then ask the age questions that go with the age.

Look age is not just a number it comes with a lot of side questions and if there is an age gap like for say 10 years apart. Well then it is time to put the shoulders back and do what is best for you. So be blunt, be bold and ask away because what is it going to hurt now if you do? Nothing, because you now know and love is not even a factor at this point.

If you do not think well someone may get hurt with a broken heart because it was not being expected to be. That if you start off your relationship with expectations of goals that are normals and reachable and everyone is on the same page. Well, most likely the relationship will be able to stand the test of time, but if nothing is said and it is what is. Well, just like you said it is what it is and that is how it will end sadly to say.

So ask the questions that need to be asked even if you feel that they maybe a little silly like it is only age and it is only just a number. You never know what will happen if you do not ask and you maybe surprised with the response.

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