Can you tame a Leo? A lion not only has enough courage for himself but will have enough to give to you. The Leo wants to be your leader and is very devoted to their pride. It is not very easy to get past a Leo. The Leo’s are very much on their toes all the time.

Via flickr /Rob
Image via Flickr/Rob

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Our top editors give you the stories, recommendations and honest reviews you need and want - delivered right to your inbox.

A Leo is extremely autonomous yet at the same time has the need for companionship. For the Leo to work and not feel lost, they need to have a point of pride. More often than not the Leo Lions and lionesses have the need and longing to be needed and don’t care to be separated from everyone else whatsoever.

A Leo by definition has the need to determine and fix whatever the current issue is. Leo’s are one of the more hard-headed zodiac signs because they have some difficulty withdrawing.

The worst part is that this fuzzy lion is always the leader because of their ego. Leo’s feel the need to make their voice heard loudly like the roaring of a lion. There is no question about when the Leo is upset. Because a Leo can be fussy and vain, you may have to stroke their ego until the Leo is ready for the change. Until then you might as well go with the flow because most Lions will not budge on the issue until ready. The Leo does not move on, and there is no forcing the issue either.

At the point when the Leo does cooperate, he is still very demanding because Leos can be fussy to some degree despite the fact that they may not know why. As a companion, the Leo needs to feel happy for his friend. On the off chance that the friend is slacking, the Leo will help his friend. The Leo’s state of mind is to continue moving until he finds his next companion. A Leo has a tendency to experience numerous connections due to this.

On the off that you are the one to wind up lord or ruler of the pride since you are a Leo, your best friend will be dedicated to you forever. Leos don’t take friendships lightly. Leos do not take a guarantee as a joke, and a Leo picks their mate deliberately because it will be his one and only. The Leo may have had other flings, but those came and went. A Leo will just love once this hard in a lifetime.

Because the Leo is in control does not mean he doesn’t play hard. He loves games, and it does not make a difference what it is, the Leo just needs to play. The resilient and faithful Leo will be a very dedicated friend that can not be persuaded to suspect something. So fall for the Leo and appreciate the ride because the Leo will guarantee that you do. Happy Birthday, Leos!

Image via Photospin

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