Carbs have recently reached a level of isolation previously only held by lepers. They break down into glucose, i.e. sugar, and are chock full of gluten. It has become common knowledge that cutting carbs can only lead to better health. This might not really be the answer though.

Despite what you’ve heard over and over again, carbs can actually be good for you. It is the most basic form of energy that our bodies process, and though they are mainly considered empty calories, combined with the right nutrients, they are vital to your health.

Not all carbs should be treated the same. When selecting which carbs to eat, try to lean in the direction of complex grains. Vegetables are also another great source of obtaining rich carbohydrates. Apple’s are a great source of fiber, which makes it an ideal snack for a substantial and lasting energy boost.

Ask an athlete about the benefit of eating carbs. Eating a piece of multigrain toast about an hour before a workout. Carbs allow you to reach your highest levels of energy. They are necessary in order for your body to work in peak physical condition.

The problem is that most people go carbohydrate crazy. Some carbo-load like they’re marathon runners and the truth is that very few actually are. They make some people feel good by raising blood sugar levels. And humans tend to over do the things that make them feel good. But carbs, just like fruits, vegetables, proteins, oils, fats and everything else, are vital for a healthy body. Moderation is key. Yes, you’ve heard that statement before, so you know how true it is.

So, have a slice of bread and know that it’s good for you, just don’t eat the whole loaf.



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