Celebrities Talk Latest Projects At The Giorgio Armani Privé Show

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“I’ve been busy but happily busy,” explained Anya Taylor-Joy, who will shortly feature in M. Night Shyamalan’s “Glass” as well as the latest round in the “X-Men” franchise. “I’ve got three more that I’m really excited about, but I can’t really talk about them,” she continued. “I’m somebody who likes to be busy, and if I have too much spare time, I tend to get into trouble,” she said to Women’s Wear Daily at the Giorgio Armani Privé show Tuesday evening.

Along with herself, Poppy Delevingne, Cressida Bonas, Isabelle Huppert, Kristin Scott Thomas, Elizabeth Debicki, Mélanie Thierry and Tina Turner were in attendance.

During the show Juliette Binoche let Women’s Wear Daily know, in a 2018 report, she had social media on her mind.

Her latest role has her starring as a divorced university professor. “She goes on Facebook and pretends to be a younger woman. Her husband has left her and all of a sudden she has a desire for love,” she summed up.

In private, Binoche is less active online, she said. “Just Instagram, I don’t go any further than that.”

Delevingne spilled all the details on what she will be up to this summer in the South of France, too Women’s Wear Daily in a 2018 report. “I’m filming a TV show called ‘Riviera’ in Nice, so I’ve moved there until November,” she explained. She recently joined the Sky show, co-starring alongside Julia Stiles, for its second season. “I’ve never lived in Nice before but it’s amazing, I wake up and look at the sea,” she said.

Among the city’s hot spots, she cited restaurant Vegan Gorilla. “It’s delicious, I’ve been trying to be good and go a little vegan recently,” she explained.

Though the collection was just shy of 100 looks and themed around a cocktail dinner, arriving in several acts, punctuated with color and a short pause backstage between acts, according to a 2018 Guardian report, the long list of beloved actors may have stolen the spotlight.

I tend to focus my attention outwards and am drawn to the external world of action. I learn a lot about the world through experience. Focusing on what I have seen, heard, or touched, gives me the ability to develop a practical and realistic outlook on the world. Making decisions based on impersonal criteria like principles and logic is very important to me.I accept responsibility for my actions. When I succeed, I accept the satisfaction of the achievement, and if I do fail at something, I learn from it and do better next time. I feel confident in my abilities and am accepting of myself. I have good time management skills. I am able to fit the most important things in life into my schedule. I have a strong sense of goal commitment.

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