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Celebrity breakups and divorces are always in the news. In 2020 we saw many relationships breaking and couples going in separate ways. This havoc has followed itself to 2021 as well. The year 2021 has crossed all the barriers, and we’ve seen some lovely couples parting their ways.

Celebrity Breakups And Divorces
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People are always curious to know the private lives of their favorite celebs and famous people. During quarantine, many celebrity couples faced rifts in their marriages and relationships. This splitting up broke the hearts of many fans.

Popular Celebrity Breakups and Divorces

This year has been recorded as the year of splitsville. No one can predict what went wrong in these relationships, but one thing is for sure, these couples have left each other with integrity. Hoping to see more love and obsession in the coming years.

Let’s discuss some surprising breakups and divorces of 2021.

1.     Melinda and Bill Gates
Celebrity Breakups and Divorces
A Startling News – pixabay.com

This divorce is the most shocking one of 2021. People were in confusion after the news of Bill Gates and Melinda splitting up. After 27 years of sharing their half journey, on 3rd May, they decided to call it off. He tweeted that they are no longer together and can’t share the next phase of their lives. He also mentioned that they both worked hard to raise their three children. They will work together in the foundation but no longer in their lives.

2.     John Mulaney and Anna Marie Tendler
Celebrity Breakups And Divorces
Painful yet Timely – pixabay.com

The lovey-dovey couple’s marriage ended on 10th May 2021 after 6 years. John was addicted, and he was staying in rehab for his recovery. He took the decision himself and left his wife. John never commented on anything as he is focused on recovering from his addiction. She even tweeted that it’s heartbreaking that he ended things like this.

3.     Liam Payne and Maya Henry
Celebrity Breakups And Divorces
Cold Feet – pixabay.com

This beautiful couple has parted ways in June 2021. Liam is the former singer of the entire band, one direction. He mentioned in his interviews that he wanted to improve himself before stepping foot in another relationship. He blamed himself for breaking off their engagement.

4.     La La Anthony and Carmelo Anthony
Parting Ways – pixabay.com

After 20 years of marriage, La La Anthony and Carmelo Anthony filed for divorce in 2021 June. They had a breakup in 2018, but they reconcile. She suspected her husband cheating and found pictures of him with different women on a yacht. They faced a lot of hurdles in their relationship and finally ended it.

5.     Zac Efron and Vanessa Valladares
Celebrity Breakups And Divorces
Moving On- pixabay.com

Vanessa Valladares was an Australian girl and a waitress when she met Zac. The duo was seen together on tour in Australia. She quit her job for him, and they celebrated his birthday together in October. This year, 2021, news of this romantic couple’s breakup has burst the cloud.

6.     Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
Leave behind the Toxicity – pixabay.com.

This talented couple’s relationship started in 2019, and recently they chose separate lanes. After those years, the couple began to sort up things and gave their relationship another chance. They both accepted in their interviews that they are better friends. Now this year, in April, some hot rumors of their breakup have upset the fans.

7.     Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Celebrity Breakups And Divorces
A New Phase – pixabay.com

Kim and Kanye were married for the last 7 years and had four children. She doesn’t want to take this marriage forward, so she filed for divorce in 2021 Feb. Kardashian also asked for joint custody and financial aid for kids. They both agreed to co-parent, and there are speculations that Kanye is dating another woman.

Concluding Thoughts – Celebrity Breakups and Divorces
Celebrity Breakups And Divorces
Growing Apart – pexels.com

These divorces and breakups have changed the meaning of love. When they started their journeys, people predicted that their love would last forever. 2021 is the year when love was a minor prioritized issue among all.  Many Hollywood celebs have also faced backlash over their relationships, and things aren’t going well in this part of the world. So readers, get excited because you’ll fill with more thrilling celebrity breakups and divorces.

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