What Your Cereal Says About You

No matter how old you get, you still need your occasional bowl of cereal. It could be 8AM or 12AM and you get those cravings that you must answer -the popular go-to snack is often cereal. What’s not to love? It tastes great, can satisfy your hunger and it’s easy to prepare. If you have the right amount of cereal to milk ratio, you’re good to go. But everyone has a favorite cereal or a cereal they usually purchase. Here’s what the cereal(s) nestled in your kitchen cabinets say about you:

Special K:
You want to lose weight or maintain your weight. The Special K promise has you hooked. Sure the cereal tastes good, but there’s not much to it and in comparison to many of the other cereals in the supermarket, it’s merely okay on flavor -but the 110 calories per serving and weight loss plan has you feeling less guilty and made a loyalist out of you.

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Fruit Loops:
They look like Cheerios but with more life in them. Fruit Loops are fun in appearance and flavor. You are certainly a kid at heart and you’ve likely been a devoted customer since you were six years old.

Lucky Charms:
If there’s a cereal that is highly nostalgic to many and the cause of much drama, it’s Lucky Charms. Remember the days when your mom used to buy a box of this magical goodness and how mad you would get when there were less marshmallows left in the box, thanks to you or your sibling picking them out. If this bad boy is in your pantry, then you definitely do not care to “grow up” and you are less likely to care about what the “healthier” choice is.

Honey Bunches of Oats:
You pray that several of those honey clusters find themselves in your bowl, or you go right on in and pick them out. You want to eat healthy and get your serving of whole grains, but you don’t want to compromise your sweet tooth. More so, you have mixed feelings about your cereal (Honey Bunches of Oats is a mix of several Post cereals) and about a lot of things in life, so you go with the safer choice.

Your love for Chex Mix and Chex Cereal can be just as varying. You like having choices and Chex provides that- the more the merrier. Plus, the fact that Chex cereals are gluten free was either what turned you to them or what helped keep you there. All in all, you believe options in all aspects of an experience are important and you may also have a gluten sensitivity that is a deal breaker when it comes to cereals.

You are an enthusiast for important cultural figures. This cereal is an icon and you probably want to one day be regarded like one as well. Face it, the cereal isn’t the most delicious, but as a classic you buy it; you eventually eat it because it’s food in your house or you save it because of who is on the box, or for what it may be worth some day.

You do not mind food addictions, or you have a lot of self control. Life cereal is perfect for the big kid inside of you who can’t get enough of anything. It’s kind of healthy, a fast finger food snack and tastes great in both cold or warm milk.

You are a rebel. You want to prove that Trix are not just for kids- poor rabbit.

You have to eat them. Your mom heard the doctor, or the TV commercials, say that they are heart healthy, so you were forced to buy them. You still listen to your mom’s advice and you have to admit, she’s usually right.

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    • Stephanie
    • June 18, 2015
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    Lucky Charms! The marshmallows are the best part! Very accurate list

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