A look at Chanel’s Spring / Summer 2014 fashion show


Looking back at Chanel’s fashion show presentation on Tuesday, March 4th, 2014, Chanel launched their ready to wear Fall/Winter 2014-2015 collection. Karl Lagerfield, one of the most acclaimed fashion designers in the entire fashion industry, set his gallery for the show up in a supermarket setting. He says that he felt there was no better way to showcase his new Chanel collection. Indeed, there is no showcase to ever do Chanel justice. The “customers” of the show were the models, running through check out lines of a store, where over 500 different products had been recreated for the show. Eccentric patterns and fabrics were showcased, with the colors of the produce of a supermarket darn into the collection, from broccoli to corn, woven into coats and garments.

The irony of the show is how seemingly disposable everything in a typical supermarket is, and how painfully common the products of items and looks of passersby can be, yet how indispensable and unique the Chanel name is. Lady Amanda Harlech, known as Lagerfield’s muse and inspiration says, “It’s a sort of challenge. Because it’s mass production, but it’s impossible to reproduce the textiles, trims, and embroideries.” Needless to say, Lagerfield’s done it again, with his breathtakingly eclectic designs that cannot be ignored, nor replicated by any other designer in the industry.

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