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In the fashion industry, change is everything. Not one trend or style is bound to stick around forever, especially with society always changing their taste and preference in clothing. But for years, the ones sporting this new style and trends were petite models. This was because that is who most designers were making their clothing for. Now designers not only have to change their collection to go along with different trends in society, they also need to adjust the size of clothing. Body size has been a big topic in the fashion world for years, where you would see the models walking down the runway being a size two and six feet tall. Everyone wanted to achieve that “model look”. Gone are the days of that, now plus size models are making their way to the front of magazines and runway shows.
Many designers’ still have not changed to accommodate this plus-size market, but it is a growing one none the less. There are still some designers who have begun changing their pieces to fit different body types and have featured different sized models in their runway shows. Many brands have started making a wider range of plus size clothing and have more selections. But, the main goal of this is to focus not on size and more about fashion and having pieces that any women can feel confident in. Vogue is a big front-runner in making sure that this new movement is not about the size but just about the beauty of all women. They recently featured Ashley Graham along with seven other plus size models to appear on their March cover.
Graham also recently just walked in a Michael Kors show, who is now featuring pieces in his collection that range from size 0 to 16 and says he plans to continue to bring diverse pieces to fit all women. He says he feels other designers need to realize the importance of having a wide range of clothing to fit all woman. Other brands such as Nordstrom agree with Khor in bringing diversity to fashion. Their vice president says she hopes soon that plus size is not just a category but just size of clothing that is in a collection.
Hopefully soon if many designers fallow along in this trend the definition of beauty can change in many peoples’ eyes. It is no longer that you have to be a size zero or two to be considered beautiful in clothing. Beauty comes from confidence and the way you present yourself, not from the size of your clothing. And for so many years in the fashion industry, this diversity has been looked down on, but now finally shifting and beginning to change.
After Christian Siriano featured many plus size models in his fashion show, consumers and retailers stared to see the orders for this industry double. It is allowing plus-size consumers to have so much more stylish options that fit their body perfectly and allow them to feel beautiful in a variety of clothing. Siriano said that now designers are making collections based on the consumers, and not just on what they like. Designers who are allowing this wider range have seen sales rocket and have become staples in the closets of many more woman.
It is refreshing seeing so many more brands designing fro a wider range of women and not just focusing on the size zero to six anymore. It was the time the fashion industry changed, and thanks to many celebrities, models, and designers it has. Soon, no women will have to go into a store and not be able to find a size that fits her. Everyone woman and girl will be able to find the perfect pieces that will help her exuberate confidence as she works the outfit.

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