Chiara Ferragni Appointed as Tod's New Board member
Chiara Ferragni shot for the FT by Jonathan Frantini

Chiara Ferragni was appointed at Tod’s as a new board member. The company’s stock went through the roof when the news was announced, and they trended on social media. The founder and chairperson of Tod’s, Diego Della Valle, said, “knowledge of the world of young people will certainly be extremely valuable.” And this has proven that the reason they hired Chiara in the first place was worth it, so far.

In 2009, Chiara Ferragni started her blog A blonde Salad, while she was still a student at Milan’s Bocconi University, where she was studying for a degree in law. Initially, the blog focused on a range of interests that she had, but eventually veered more towards fashion. And this is how her career as a fashion blogger started.

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

This blog would be a catalyst for collaborations with luxury brands such as Guess, Gucci, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Ermenegildo Zegna, Benetton and Mango.

Realizing that this was no longer a hobby, she started taking herself seriously as a digital entrepreneur, which is the title she bares proudly. Before being appointed at Tod’s as a member of the board, Chiara amassed millions of followers on Instagram, which a lot of bloggers moved to as actual blogs started declining in popularity. Where she continued to collaborate as an influencer.

Getting serious accolades along the way, such as being announced as the European ambassador of Amazon Fashion and face of its Spring 2016. Her relationship with Amazon culminated in a documentary, Chiara Ferragni: Unposted– about her life and career premiered at the Venice Film Festival that was launched on Amazon Prime.

She then started her clothing brand, named after herself. At the beginning, they focused on shoes, but moved onto accessories and clothing for adults and children. To date, the brand is worth about 20 million dollars.  

Photo: Courtesy of Chiara Ferragni

Becoming a mom has not stopped Chiara’s rise in the digital industry. She opened The Blonde Salad Crew—a company that manages Ferragni’s fashion collection and editorial site, and also represents other influencers. 

Tod’s is a luxury footwear company, and the reaction to Chiara joining was met with a lot of questions from some traditionalists who do not think that influenced success can be translated into corporate spaces, never mind in the boardroom. But Chiara, being the CEO and sole owner of TBS, has proved that her being appointed as Tod’s new board member was the right move.

And the demand for her expertise in the industry in various ways never seems to go away. Just recently she was a judge on a show on Netflix, called Making the Cut. Where alongside Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum, and Joseph Altuzarra- she is a judge.

Photo: Courtesy of Chiara Ferragni

Not afraid to reinvent herself, which is clear in her appointment as Tod’s new board member- Chiara also ventured into blogging as a mom, since she is in that chapter of her life now. She might lose older audiences who do not relate to her, but also gained a whole new audience. Mainly made of moms and moms-to-be.

Chiara Ferragni attributes her success to how useful following her actually is for followers, stating that “I hope it’s because I’m very honest, very transparent, and hopefully, I can be a good example, seeing that I succeeded, they can get a source of inspiration or a source of energy that tells them: ‘I should try it as well.’ That’s the most powerful thing.”

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