Actors are continuously being considered and reconsidered for roles. Every so often they turn down roles and regret it or fight for roles that are not really meant for them. In this ongoing chaos of who gets which role, there will always be actors with their own list of “shoulda, coulda, woulda’s”

One such actress is Christina Applegate, who was offered the lead role in the film ‘Legally Blonde’. Since there is no telling what the audience will love or hate, there is no conformity as to what kind of roles will work or not. Applegate may have presumed that the film would probably not do as well and may have decided to turn it down.

Applegate says, “The script came along my way, and it was right after I had just finished Married, [with Children]. I got scared of kind of repeating myself. What a stupid move that was.”

However, in the end to call a true with her colleague who actually did bag the role and made the film a success, Applegate said, “Reese deserved it, and she did a much better job than I ever could.”

English: Christina Applegate at the 60th Annua...
English: Christina Applegate at the 60th Annual Emmy Awards, Nokia Theater, Sept. 21, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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