Burberry’s Christopher Bailey’s Got a Golden Ticket


Christopher Bailey, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer of Burberry, has been reportedly making a base salary of £1.1 million!

Don’t forget to include the cash bonus, awards and pension contributions, which creates an even larger figure! With his cash allowance of £440,000 and a share pack worth over £7.6 million, Bailey has received more than just the golden ticket!

With a calculated net value of £8.1 million pounds yearly, cashing that in at the US bank would be over $13.6 million, and taking it to Australia would make that same amount worth $14.5 million! Got any to spare Mr. Bailey?

The public would be happy to know that Bailey is also giving 10% of his salary, after taxes, as per his contract, to the Burberry Foundation.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t go to the brand’s products! Rather, it is to help provide help and resources to disadvantaged youth, to which Bailey should be commended! It’s always enlightening to see the pockets of the wealthy help give back to the world and make it a better place.


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