Christopher Walken is Captain Hook in NBC’s ‘Peter Pan’


NBC, which is filled with fairy tales and fantasy like, ‘Grimm,’ ‘Once Upon a Time’ and ‘Once Upon a Time: Alice in Wonderland,’ has anew shoe coming out, Peter Pan.

The show has plans to be a live musical production. This weekend NBC announced that they cast their villain, Captain Hook. The renown actor paying him will be Christopher Walken.

Christopher Walken worked with Craig Zadan and Neil Moren, the producers of the show, before. Zadan and Moren produced the movie adaptation of ‘Hairspray,’ which Walken was cast in. He was a fan favorite to play Travolta’s husband, Wilbur. Many fell in love with him and his character, Tracy’s father, so fans are just as excited to see him immerse himself into this one handed pirate.

NBC’s ‘Peter Pan’ will premiere on Thursday, December 4, which gives you enough time to get ready for the exciting performance Christopher will surely portray.


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