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The Chronicles of Narnia film series is coming back to the big screen. The division of Sony, TriStar, plans to bring the beloved Narnia book The Silver Chair into a film. Tristar plans to work with The Mark Gordon Company, eOne, and members from the C.S. Lewis Company to adapt the novel storyline into a film script. The screenplay is planned to be written by The Life of Pi screenwriter, David Magee.

Previously, The Chronicles of Narnia novels were adapted into films in 2005 with The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe and 2007 Prince Caspian, which were distributed by Disney. Then in 2010 The Voyage of the Dawn Treader film was developed and distributed by Fox. Since the novel’s adaptations into feature films, The Chronicles of Narnia seven-book series has sold over 100 million published copies.

Both company heads from TriStar pictures and Sony Pictures, want to create a long-lasting property that will gain a large international fan base. Hannah Minghella, President of TriStar, commented her fandom for the Narnia series, telling the press that she read the books during her childhood. She has also stated that she wants to work together with her new partners (eOne and Mark Gordon Company) to produce a timeless classic that does justice to the novels.

The Silver Chair is expected to have C.S. Lewis’s stepson, Douglas Gresham, as one of the film’s producers. Vincent Seiber, Mark Gordon, and Melvin Adams are also expected to help produce the film.

The Silver Chair is not expected to have any of the regular cast members from the last three Narnia films. TriStar is expected to bring in new actors for the film as a true reboot of the film series.

Mark Gordon, who is an active producer in the project and having his production studio work with TriStar, stated that The Silver Chair is going to be a completely new franchise compared to the last three films. He also commented that there will be no creative overlap from the previous films to be in the new Narnia film The Silver Chair.       

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