Circular Systems’ Innovative Technology Is Fashion’s Future

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According to a Treehugger 2018 report, the fashion industry is said to be the second most polluting industry on Earth after oil and gas. It requires enormous quantities of resources, including water, land, and fossil fuels, to make fabric. The production process is often harmful to the environment, relying on harsh chemical dyes and finishes.

Fortunately, more people are becoming aware of these problems, thanks to eye-opening documentaries like “The True Cost,” sustainable fashion advocates like actress Emma Watson and activist Livia Firth, and high-profile reports like the one recently published by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Headlines warning of plastic microfibre pollution have helped to push the issue into the spotlight, and there is growing backlash against ‘disposable’ fast fashion, according to a Treehugger 2018 report.

One sustainable fashion startup is offering an innovative new technology that solves multiple problems at once.

According to the Circular Systems website, they are a clean-tech new materials company, focused on the development of innovative circular and regenerative technologies.

With their waste-to-fiber platforms; Texloop and Agraloop, and the revolutionary new Orbital Composite Yarn technology, we offer break-through solutions for the most efficient management of textile/apparel and agricultural waste streams, according to the Circular Systems website.

According to a Treehugger 2018 report, while partnerships are not yet finalized for this product, Circular Systems’ founder, Issac Nichelsen,  told Fast Company, in a 2018 report, that there’s been interest from major sportswear manufacturers.

The fact that Circular Systems has been given such a financial boost shows that it’s on to something big. As Nichelsen said, “The time was really right. We made some breakthroughs in our technologies recently, and there was also a breakthrough in the market.” Hopefully it won’t be long before we’ll be seeing these technologies on our clothing labels, according to a Treehugger 2018 report.

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  • Julia Hess

    Really interesting. i always forget about the man power/resources used to make new clothing

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