Lace in clothes has a timeless value and has never gone out of fashion. It was classic and classy for all the ladies who chose it. In fact, in recent years, lace in clothes has returned even more dynamically. And is a super trend in clothes and accessories.

Perhaps once the lace was considered more formal and was worn mainly by older people, in more classic pieces. Now, however, lace on clothes is a must for all ages and all hours. Now star in the most fashionable youth clothes and accessories.

Because we love and choose lace in clothes

Lace in clothes, first of all, is a timeless and constant value. It is a classic choice for women’s clothing regardless of age and occasion.

The women’s clothing characterized by lace is always elegant and classy. It is what we call “class”.

Lace in clothes is a material that creates fairytale and dreamy sets. It is a landmark of romance and the Neo-romantic trend, establishes it as a must trend in clothes and accessories.

By choosing to wear pieces with lace, you can adopt a very feminine, girly and cute image. But at the same time you can look sexy.


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The pieces of women’s wardrobe in which lace predominates, never go unnoticed. They are always impressive and special and create a special ensemble.

The choice of lace in the most important female look, which is the wedding, is not accidental. It is an ideal choice for a wedding dress as well as for the bride accessories.


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Where and how to wear lace

The lace on the clothes, as mentioned above, can now be worn all hours of the day – from morning to night . It is suitable for all occasions and is safe to be worn by all women, regardless of age and style. The exit does not need to be formal in order for the lace to be present in some of your clothes or accessories. Let’s look more specifically at the options we have:


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The safest and most correct option is to prefer to combine the lace with minimal pieces, so that the whole does not look excessive.

Often the lace, even in everyday clothes, is the finish on the sleeves or edges of the garment, thus giving a special style, or it can be a part of the garment (such as lace on the back of a blouse or dress), it can be.They are collar, edging, or even accessories in our clothing.

A nice choice for lace on clothes, is to wear a lace blouse and a strapless top that covers the controversial points. The result will be sexy but not provocative.


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Lace is the number one choice for our underwear but also for special nightwear or body (bodysuits). If you are romantic, then you can choose them in white or pale shades. Otherwise, if you prefer something more classic, elegant and sexy, black lace in lingerie and nightgowns is an ideal choice.


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A big trend is the lace in the shorts, short or longer (we find them dressed entirely with lace) mainly in light shades that make the outfit romantic and very feminine. Also, lace has a constant value in beautiful elegant and cute dresses, in blouses, jackets, tops, skirts, and even swimwear, as an outer lining or as a finish on the edges.

Lace In Accessories

You can choose the lace even for your accessories, such as scarves, bags (clutches), shoes (ballerinas, espadrilles, platforms, heels), gloves, wristbands and general jewelry. You can even find pieces of lace in hair accessories.

An ideal and primary choice is the lace for the bride’s wedding dresses and accessories. For example, even bridal shoes are often worn with lace.

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