Every time it’s time to get dressed to go to work, school or a night out, are you anxious and intolerant? Because you think that you are chubby or those many extra pounds are an obstacle to your appearance? Do you have a tendency to wear plain (mostly dark) loose-fitting clothes in large sizes, because you think that only with them you can dress decently?

First of all, who defines the threshold below which a woman is considered lean or normal body weight, and above which she is considered more or less plump? The answer is, on a theoretical level, society and what its members consider each season to be “normal”. Therefore socially acceptable and liked. Indeed, in modern times a woman with grips, curves and a small belly is considered by some to be plump. Since modern standards make the model of a very thin woman ideal. But if you happen to have a few extra pounds, do not worry at all! Because only a few embrace the previous perception.

These are 5 specific and clear tips for chubby women that we have prepared for you and relate to your clothing. The clothes that fit each time you choose and it is better to prefer so that on the one hand your extra pounds are covered discreetly. And do not bother you at all when you have to dress  fashionable and  stylish. Do not waste time; read them and apply them all!

1-Chubby dress tip: Wear straight pants

Straight pants flatter the Chubbiness….

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Choose long pants but in a straight line and mainly jeans in a straight line. Such pants make you slim and flatter you. A wonderful and stylistically modern idea is to turn them 2 times at the end so that your ankle is visible.

You can combine straight line jeans in the summer with fitted monochrome, light-colored straps or even short-sleeved T-shirts. If you do not have many extra pounds in the abdomen area. If, however, you do not feel comfortable wearing tight-fitting T-shirts and even over fitted pants. Then prefer blouses with thin or wide straps or even short sleeves in a wider line, which fit just as well. A platform for the evening or a flat sandal for the morning hours and you are ready! In winter you can wear exactly the same jeans with a straight or high boot. Combined with a jacket and a monochrome fit. Or a wider blouse with sleeves up to the elbow. And you will be in fashion all year round!

2-Choose clothes with a high waist

High waisted dresses are game changer…..

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A great idea for your outfit if you are plump is high-waisted clothes. You should definitely have two or three high-waisted dresses, skirts and pants in your closet.

Clothes that have a high waist, whether it is pants, skirts or dresses, flatter and highlight the curves. While covering the belly, where the extra pounds are more visible.

3-Wear clothes with V neckline

V-neckline adds Elegance….

The V neckline on t-shirts and dresses is a must for a chubby woman who has her balls, but feels confident and self-assured.

Such long-sleeved blouses, short-sleeved t-shirts, as well as dresses highlight the neck, making it look slimmer and more elegant. Thus, it offers style combined with elegance and a very nice result.

If you have rich breasts, you can easily choose clothes with a deeper V or generally with a more intensely open neckline to highlight it.

4-Combine black with clothes that have colored patterns or with noticeable fabrics

Black makes you look slim….

We know that black is – necessarily perhaps – the favorite and most commonly chosen color for women. Especially for the fattest, since it is considered to hide pounds and make us lose weight.

So, if you do not want to completely separate the black from your clothes. You can easily combine it with clothes that have different designs and patterns on them. Or are made of different and remarkable fabric.

5-Choose pencil dresses and skirts

Pencil skirt and dresses…must haves!!

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Pencil skirts and dresses need to have a place in your wardrobe. If for all women they are always pieces that they must have and choose to wear where and when, for you who have a few kilos more it is necessary to have more than one skirt and / or pencil dresses.

And of course we mean dresses and skirts that start from the waist (high waist). Usually reach to the knee or a little below, and follow a somewhat curved course on the body. More specifically, those clothes have a slightly narrower waist and height. They beautifully embrace the female curves in the area of ​​the abdomen, buttocks and thighs and end up narrowing at the end.

These were the 5 dressing tips for chubby! We hope they caught your attention and you follow them to be well-groomed, properly and elegantly dressed, always in line with fashion!

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