Your mood is directly correlated to color, and vice versa. Ever wonder why? We have learned, emotional associations with colors that have physical effects on our bodies. No one sees the color yellow and thinks of death – that’s  the color black’s job. Colors not only make you feel a certain way; you dress in certain colors according to your mood. In fact, each color emits a little bit of a different sentiment. According to The Huffington Post, red has a fiery power that evokes strong emotion. Red is almost programmed to make your hear beat quicker, stimulating a sense of danger, much like a fire truck. Blue is widely known to be a color of tranquility. Just sitting by the ocean on a sunny day brings you serenity and peace, the color slows down your system, calming you from the inside out. “There is some tentative evidence emerging in the literature showing that green is relaxing because it is associated with growth and nature,” Andrew Elliot, professor of psychology, told The Huffington Post. Green doesn’t scream a certain emotion when you first see it, which is most likely due to the fact that it’s linked to our natural habitat. We all know that yellow = happiness. The sun shines and warms the air at the first of summer and rids all of winter’s seasonal depression. Can you even draw the classic smiley face without picking up a yellow crayon?

Jeannie Mai, host of “How Do I Look?” on the Style Network, found that orange often brings rise to enthusiasm and ingenuity. Even the feelings match up to the perfect mix between yellow and red. Black can represent quite a few things, but it generally refers to elegance or authority. Is it elegant due to its hue, or is it elegant because it slims the bodily figure? Maybe a little bit of both. So the next time you throw on clothes in the morning, pay attention to the vibe that you’re giving off to the world. Is the color you’re wearing representative of your mood? Is it how you want to be perceived?


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