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Steering away from high heel pumps to embrace the comfort of flats seems to be the direction that fashion is taking. This doesn’t mean that heels no longer have style appeal. It just means that there is a new definition of what is appealing and it is now being dictated through comfort. Sneakers are suddenly becoming cool to wear. Sneakers with dresses, skirts, and jeans are among the favorite pairings that fashionistas love. The latest trends are revealing that hemlines are becoming longer and heels are becoming more comfortable. Fashion is becoming comfortable. No longer is there a reason for a fashionista to squeeze into a size two dress when she really is a size four. No longer do you have to wobble around in unsupportive shoes. All of this may seem shocking and may feel out of your comfort zone. But this can only mean one thing and that is that conservative is becoming a new trend. So if your wardrobe is full of low cut blouses and thigh high skirts, it is time to welcome the unfamiliarity of conservativeness. See how dressing conservative can work for you. Whether you are a trendy fashionista, career woman, or stay at home mom, creating a wardrobe of comfort and conservative nature is only a few shopping trips away.


To get started on this new trend, check out the choices below.


1. Bow Blouse. Switch out that low cut top you’ve been hanging on to for a more conservative look. Try this blouse from Jcpenney for $12.99.

Topshop $22.00  Via
Topshop $22.00 Via


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