Coping With Housemates

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Living with a roommate has its perks and downsides. Living with housemates is cheaper but often uncomfortable, especially if you are not all the closest of friends. Perhaps you are not quite friends but you do not want a toxic atmosphere in your place so you try your best to be friendly.

That being said, there are times your patience will be tried. You’re trying to cook a decent dinner after a long day but your housemate is hogging the kitchen with friends they unexpectedly invited over. A housemate does not clean up after herself. Or a housemate is just unpleasantly weird so you find yourself avoiding him or her.

Muster up your strength and self-resolve. Try not to be passive-aggressive. Be open-minded but keep your boundaries in mind. Acknowledge that your guests are not your housemates’ guests and vice-versa. Keep up with your responsibilities in the house. Do chores properly. Get rules in writing.

Instead of being constantly triggered, take the high road. Set your pride aside and take a deep breath, saving your energy for the battles that really matter in the long run. Sometimes, you need to compromise.

You may feel the need to talk to your housemates or explain yourself whenever you see them around. While a greeting, at the very least, is a must for some people, just being in each other’s company is often enough.

Be self-conscious and aware of your personal habits although housemates are often not aware of theirs. Do mind your own business and remember everyone is unique and raised differently. Do not just clean up when someone is coming over but clean as a motion of respecting yourself, if not for the others who live there as well. This helps make living spaces more comfortable for all inhabitants.

And don’t take things personally. If your housemate is being uncommunicative and unfriendly, they’re probably just having a hard time with something and their off-putting behavior has nothing to do with you so don’t sweat it. Ignore him or her and take better care of yourself. You have every right to feel at home in your home.

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