CoSTUME NATIONAL – Milan Men’s Fall/Winter 2014-15

Relaxed professional is the theme that came to mind while looking at this collection. Consisting of loose fitting and elongated suits, trousers and coats all in different colors, fabrics and patterns. The relaxed professional look usually involves wearing a blazer and trousers with a dress shirt or a turtleneck sweater with dress shoes or boots. This is exactly how the models were dressed. Long relaxed trousers with blazers and either button up shirts with no ties or turtleneck sweaters.

The sweater patterns and designs is what truly gave the relaxed look. Having a short mohair/angora crew neck sweater in an ombre style pattern that starts with a purple cable knit chest and neck then blends into a navy blue waist and finally becomes indigo at the bottom. A sweater made for any occasion that can fit with most color combinations. Various other relaxed business suits were shown like a black double breasted two piece suit with blue and eggplant colored wide stripes which was worn under an oversized blazer of the same style giving the impression of it being a coat. On one hand there is no way to go wrong with mixing white and black and there is definitely a way to go right. The two most different and contrasting colors possible. White is an absence of color, and black is formed when all the colors are mixed together. Showing a white shearling motorcycle jacket with a left button flap patch pocket, a right zippered pocket and vertical epaulets on the hem of the jacket. Giving a relaxed look to an otherwise professional style. When not taking life too seriously we opt for non-traditional fabrics, patterns and colors. This was showcased by three items that stole the show for me. The first was a black two piece shawl collar suit with flap pockets and wrist accents all made from leather. The second was a red blazer paired with red pants, a sateen orange shirt with black shoes, and the final item that spoke to me and said non-conforming to the everyday suit was a black loose fit blazer and pants combination with a white pattern that resembles the feeling when you look into the crystal ocean from above and see the sun reflecting the water in a honeycomb type pattern. Relaxed professional is a style that should be worn more often. We have to live life, being bland and ordinary just makes us fit into the crowd when we should be standing out from it with our personal style.

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