An In Depth Conversation With Chase Rice On Music, Trucks and The Future


Up and coming country singer, Chase Rice has a lot on his plate, but has no intention of slowing down. Rice is currently on tour until the end of September. Between building brand recognition, promoting his new album and touring through September, this Country stud has a lot to look forward to.

Even with all of the commotion that has been keeping Rice’s schedule jam-packed, you could see nothing but passion and focus in his eyes. He discussed his new lifestyle brand, “Heads Down, Eyes Up” and his upcoming album “Ignite the Night,” which is due for release on August 19.

Q: In what way do you incorporate the motto “Heads Down, Eyes Up” into your career?

A: “In North Carolina, I was playing Football, and I was hurt so I was kind of just away from the team, and trying to figure out how to get back with the team. I looked up in the mirror while I was working out, and I kind of looked pissed off. My head was down, but my eyes were up. I just kept saying heads down, eyes up, and focus on what you gotta do to get there.”

Rice continued, “In music when everyone was telling me I wasn’t good enough, I didn’t sing well enough and I didn’t write well enough, I kind of said ‘alright heads down, eyes up, keep going.” Rice went on to explain that he believed, in his heart, his music career was going to work and thanks the motto for helping him get to where he is in his career now.

Q: What motivates you to maintain a positive outlook during trying times? What advice would you give to someone who is currently in a tough spot?

A: He took a second before smiling and responded almost effortlessly, “Those four words. That’s literally all I’ve ever said to myself my whole life — Heads down, eyes up, keep going.”

Q: How do you see “Heads Down, Eyes Up” expanding as a brand?

A: “Right now we’re just continuing to get it out there.” Rice described that the first time he ever wrote the logo down it was in permanent marker and remained more of a mindset to him than a brand. “What I want people to understand most,” he explained, “is you’re not just wearing it because it’s on the clothing, but that you’re wearing it because it’s a way of life and you believe in that way of life.” Chase sat back then and stated how he feels if you hold that phrase as the ultimate truth than no one can beat you.

Q: What were some of your inspirations for ‘Ignite the Night?’

A: “Live shows is the biggest inspiration. My live show is a party and I want people to come and forget about life for two hours.” Rice discussed the amount of lessons he’s learned over the past two years but took a minute to shed light on something he feels very strongly about. “I’ve always said this since day one,” he began, “country music deserves ballads and meaningful stuff.” On Rice’s upcoming album he has songs titled ‘Look at My Truck,’ ‘Carolina Can’ and ‘Jack Daniels & Jesus,’ which are all songs he feels are “jam worthy” music, while also tackling hard to discuss topics.

Q: Which song off the upcoming album is most important to you?

A: “Probably ‘Carolina Can.’” Rice sighed, continued, “’Jack Daniels & Jesus’ is always going to be one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written, but ‘Carolina Can’ is a fresher production. It’s just kind of the timeline of my life, the story that I’ve lived. I’m really excited to see what people think of that one.”

Q: What type of truck do you drive?

A: “’85 Silverado, which is my favorite.” Rice explained how he feels it’s the perfect shape and that he’s even put a bit of work into the vehicle himself. “It’s a simple truck,” he said. Continuing, “It’s an ’85, the same age as me.”

Q: You’ve been a football player, a member of NASCAR’s pit crew, a cast member on ‘Survivor’ and now a singer/songwriter, what do you see yourself doing in the next five years?

A: Rice took a minute before saying, “I don’t know.” He later explained that he’d like to have a number one song as an artist, but that he doesn’t worry about the future. “that’s [five years] way too far away for me.”

You can pre-order Chase’s new album, ‘Ignite the Night’ here and check out his new brand “Heads Down, Eyes Up” here.

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