Crayola Now Sells Makeup In Your Favorite Childhood Colors

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Having primary school nostalgia about your set of 64 crayons that are sitting in the back of your attic along with your ragged third-grade pencil pouch and scented erasers? Well, now you don’t just have to reminisce about the days when coloring outside the lines was your source of ultimate fun. Crayola’s just come out with their own makeup line–“Crayola Beauty”–and it’s more colorful than a first-grader’s pencil box.

Available on ASOS, Crayola Beauty features no less than 58 (all-vegan) pieces of various makeup products inspired by their signature crayons, including lip and cheek crayons, face crayons, eye shadow palettes, crayon highlighters, brush sets, and even colored mascara. The packaging is a modernized, “big-kid’s” update of the classic yellow and black Crayola crayon labels titled with the product’s name and shade. It’s a world of color for grown-ups to play with their old favorite childhood school supplies.

These color trios come with three matching shades of eye, lip, and cheek crayons shaped just like the kids’ ones.

This eyeshadow palette sparkles with gorgeous mermaid-inspired pastel peach, turquoise, teal and purple pigments.

Highlighter in retractable crayon form? You’ll have fun painting your face with this one.

It’s a makeup and pencil case all in one! In iridescent holographic blue–who can go wrong with that?

Turn your eyes electric with these stunning neon colored mascaras.

Will you be having fun with good old wax crayons or ones for your face today?

You can buy Crayola Beauty now on


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    • Kimi Mier

      How fun! I love the included pics. What a wave of nostalgia to school shopping and begging my mom for the 64 color box.

    • Corrada Spatola

      The collection is full of beautiful colors but the eyeshadow palette does not look too practical.

    • kylee scott

      I love this idea. How fun and I truly appreciate how these products are all vegan.

    • Diane Won

      Pleasant and bubbly, the article is fun to read. Good job with the images. I can’t help but think of my childhood. That doesn’t necessarily compel me to buy this makeup though.

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