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The Curly Girl method has revolutionized the way girls with curly hair deal with those temperamental waves.

If you have curly hair, you know the triggers for a bad hair day. Humidity is probably number one, because it’s inevitable that you’ll contract the frizzies everywhere before noon. You can’t condition enough. Haircuts are terrifying, layers don’t work, and color is a risk you’re not always willing to take.

The Curly Girl method aims to target those stressors, and give you specific helpful tips as to how to manage you luscious locks.

Here are some to remember, but purchase the book for the details!

1. Wash very infrequently. Your hair doesn’t need the harsh chemicals in shampoo that cause it to frizz and break. Instead, use conditioner to wash your hair.

2. Use a teaspoon of conditioner and massage it into your scalp while you’re showering. Make sure your hair is completely saturated with water and conditioner. Let the water do its job and rinse your hair, then towel dry with a microfiber cloth. See here.

3. After you dry, apply a silicon-free gel and scrunch your hair to fit your preferred style.
Once your hair is set, avoid touching it often, as this will cause more frizz.

4. Always use the Curly Girl products, as they are specifically designed without the harmful chemicals that will damage your curls. They are available on the website.

Find the Curly Girl book here.


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