Now that the eternal winter ended,  the dinner then movie dates are getting a little old. Sure, the cuddling afterwards is nice and helps you both stay warm, but it’s time for a change of pace. Here are some date ideas that can keep date night fun and exciting without the need for dinner and a movie.

1. Mini Golf- Some friendly competition, while doing something different than usually.

2. Sunset on the Beach- Set a blanket down on the sand and watch the sunset together. Something simple, doesn’t cost anything, and since it’s something most people overlook each day, it will create a special moment for the both of you to put everything aside and take time to appreciate the natural beauty in the day.

3. Batting Cages- A little bit of physical competition never hurt anyone.

4. Laser Tag- Great idea for a double date.

5. Paintball- Bring them out with their friends for a day of paintball.

6.  Picnic in the Park- No phones allowed! Pack a lunch in a picnic basket, set out a blanket under a shaded tree and have lunch without any distractions.

7. Bike Ride- Appreciate the warmer weather during a nice bike ride.

8. Game Night- Invite over your coupled friends and have a traditional board game night with wine.

9. Sunrise on the Beach- There would be nothing cooler than driving down to the beach to watch the sun come up.

10. Sunday Drive- Sundays are perfect for relaxing in bed and watching Netflix in sweatpants, or getting lost on a long drive with someone you love.



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