dior sneakers 1_StyleFT Fashion meets sporty in Dior’s new glittery shoe line called Fusion Sneakers. Dior described them as, “Elegant and contemporary, an urbanite who makes the city her own with dash and daring.” The “fusion” of the two trends creates shoe styled for a jog on the treadmill, with all the patterns of party footwear. Christian Dior is not the first to delve into designer footwear. Some shoes feature neon and dark color combinations, as well as studs and jewels that create designs of their own. dior sneakers 2_StyleFT The rubber soles feature the Dior logo, hidden away on the side of the shoe. According to Dior.com, “They feature a high-performance technical fabric and an upper made from four layers of ‘mesh,’ materials of incomparable resistance and lightness.” Perfect for when you need to look fabulous while working up a sweat. Only five designs have been released so far, all featuring some variation of gem stones and white-on-black concepts, while also included a mix of bright colors. So far these shoes are only available in Paris at an accessory and clothing store called Colette. These slip-on sneakers will be available for purchase in July 2014, if you’re willing to put out the $1,600 that they cost. These Fusion Sneakers feature colorful gem stones with black, white, and neon colors on the shoe's exterior and interior.

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