Discover your Perfect Beauty Product through BeautyDNA


With all the beauty products and lines coming out, it’s hard to tell which ones you’ll like, and which ones you regret buying.

A new website called BeautyDNA might be able to help you solve this problem before it happens.

Two years into development, and the website has come to life.

“A women can go on, fill out all of her preferences, individual needs, her skin care, her hair, all of the things she really likes about beauty products,” said Yolanda Yoh Bucher, BeautyDNA Co-Creator.

In order to choose the best products for their customers, it scans through the database that was set up with thousands of products, and chooses the best match based on the answers that you give them.

According to BeautyDNA, a large team consisting of cosmetic chemist, dermatologists, hairstylists, make up artists and computer experts came together to create this database. Although it is another type of subscription box, it uses extensive survey’s to help pick the best products for you.

The setup is very similar to subscriptions such as Ipsy and Birchbox, but you instead receive one full sized product, instead of 5-6 different, smaller samples. To make an account all you need is an email, and you answer the question as to what type of full sized product you want to receive, one for skin, one for body, or one for hair.

“BeautyDNA will ship you a perfectly matched, full-size name brand beauty product,” explains the website.

In order to create your beauty profile, go online and sign up for the subscription; from there you will be able to create your beauty profile and be able to ship out your first box.


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